Alex (Chinese student -2005)

I was very pleased with the services provided by e2 Qingdao office, China. The staff in their office was very professional. It was through them that I got my admission for English Language course at Pembrokeshire College, UK. They not only helped me with the admission but also with my visa process. Once I arrived in the UK in 2005 I was looked after by e2 UK office too for adjusting in a completely new environment.

When I completed my English Language course I once again went to e2 for help with my further study plan in the UK. I was very pleased with the advice I got for my further studies. I wasn't a very brilliant student and didn't want to study in a big university straightaway. So they got me admission at HIBT where I am currently studying Diploma (first year of Hertfordshire Undergraduate Degree course) and next year I will progress onto second year at Hertfordshire University. I am very happy to study in smaller classes at HIBT where I get individual attention and which will help me to go through the first year of the degree course. By next year I will be better prepared for a University environment. I would like to thank e2 for all their help and support so far.