e2 consultants...

Our consultants deliver programmes both in-house and at venues convenient to our clients. We travel worldwide and source the best training venues at no extra cost to our clients. Our experienced team of consultants are specialists in the field of learning and development. A brief insight into some of our senior consultants is given below:

Adila Khan has been involved in the field of Educaiton and Training for almost twenty years. She completed her MBA from the UK in 2003 and currently studying Postgraduate Certificate in Education at Trininty St Davids University. She has been running a successful Educational Consultancy and Training Company for more that 8 years.


Mike Hopkins has considerable experience of working with people at all levels in organisations, having delivered development programmes to the private, public and voluntary sector across the UK, in America and the Far East. Mike's knowledge and style of delivery makes his courses engaging and results driven, whilst his enthusiasm for the learning process and the positive difference it can make is infectious. He uses his expertise to design and deliver bespoke training and development programmes which cover a range of solutions from one-to-one mentoring of Chief Executives through to large scale programmes for organisational development.


Alison Woodhead is a training consultant who specialises in people development, management coaching, performance improvement and culture/process change. Capable of managing successful deployment of programmes from large scale to one-on-one sessions. Alison has a passion for making sure the right blend of training is applied to maximise learning of new skills & knowledge and so change performance. Previously a blue chip FMCG global communications group manager, Alison's expertise is gained from corporate management experience as well as incorporating proven development thinking. Her style of delivery is interactive and collaborative and she has experience of working with a variety of clients across different sectors.


Andrew Hambly-Smith has an authoritative style of training, bourne out of his international media experience and he offers this with an inspirational approach to learning within a supportive and stimulating environment. Andrew does two things exceptionally well; he develops an individual's confidence and provides the tools to sustain real change and growth. His bespoke training work has proved invaluable to a variety of our clients at all levels of organisations such as the Audit Commission, the Prime Minister's Delivery Unit and MBDA.


Dr. Mohammed Khan has extensive experience in academia and Industry. Chartered Engineer by profession (but holding an MBA), he has experience of working for national and international organisations, in the private, public and voluntary sectors. He has contributed to over 70 journal and conference publications and has also edited two books in the field of Advanced Manufacturing Processes and Technologies. His industrial area of expertise is in manufacturing & quality management whereas his academic area of expertise is in the quality management of taught and research programmes for the higher education sector. His style of training is hands-on so that course participants can leave and immediately apply the ideas learned to their organisations.


Ali Jan Haider has an office in Primary Care and Mental Health Services in Bradford where he is employed as the Deputy Director of Equality and Diversity. Ali Jan has worked at a senior level in the voluntary, statutory and private sector in the field of management development and training. He specialises in organisational and team development, and strategic planning. Ali Jan has particular experience in leading change within large institutions and is particularly adept at bringing an emotional competence approach to his work.