Courses for Corporate Sector

How we can help...

Our programmes cover learning and development at an individual, interpersonal and organisational level. We can provide tailored help in the following broad subject areas:

Communication Skills
Communication skills at work.
Delivering professional presentations.
Speaking and presenting with confidence.
Linguistic mastery.
Feedback skills
  Effective Teams
Building an effective team.
Working with others.
Motivating and managing a team.
Team development.
Belbin team roles.
Team Leadership.
  Customer Excellence
Achieving excellence - providing a quality service.
Front line customer care.
The principles of marketing.
Developing client relationships.
Telephone Techniques.
Creative Management
Taking a creative approach to management.
Creativity in business.
Creativity for leaders.
  Motivation Skills
Building commitment and motivation in others.
Developing a can do culture.
  Sales Skills
Sales negotiation.
Successful selling.
Powerful telesales techniques.
Successful leadership.
Practical leadership skills.
Transformational leadership.
Facilitation skills for managers.
Conference facilitation.
Event facilitation.
  Change Management
Effective change management.
Motivating and leading in a down turn environment.
Diagnostic Tools
Personality Profiling (DiSC).
EQ-i - BarOn Emotional Quotient Inventory.
  Understanding Others
Developing people and building productive working relationships.
Working with human differences.
  Performance Management
Effective techniques to manage performance.
Holding excellent appraisals.
Time Management
Time and priority management.
Self discipline and organisation.
Work Life Balance
How to strike the right balance.
  Influencing Skills
Influencing and persuading for managers.
Influencing with impact.
Communication and influencing.
  Strategic Planning
An introduction to strategy.
Strategy for managers and directors.
Strategic thinking and understanding.
Stress Management
Dealing with stress and conflicting needs.
Managing challenging work loads.
  Managing Meetings
Techniques for successful meetings.
Creative meetings
Make the right connections.
Building effective working relationships.
Negotiation skills development.
Sales negotiation.
Advanced negotiation skills.
Commercial negotiation.
Management principles.
Effective management.
Interpersonal effectiveness for managers.
  Cultural Awareness
Global business success.
Targeting different markets.
Understanding cultural differences.
Cross border negotiation and sales techniques.

A suite of 3 day intensive courses for industry covering the areas of Just-In-Time (JIT)/Lean manufacturing, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII) and Total Quality management (TQM).

JIT/Lean Manufacturing:

  • Introduction to JIT/Lean
  • Achieving World Class manufacturing
  • Eliminating Wasteful Processes
  • JIT/Lean Elements
  • Implementation
  • Case Studies

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRPII):

  • Introduction to MRPII
  • Achieving World Class Manufacturing
  • MRPII Elements
  • Implementation
  • Case Studies

Total Quality Management (TQM):

  • Introduction to TQM
  • Overview of elements of TQM
  • TQM Systems (ISO 9000)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Experimentation/Taguchi methods
  • Quality Function Deployment (QFD)
  • Failure Modes Analysis (FMEA)
  • Six Sigma
  • Case Studies

Statistical Process Control (SPC):

  • Introduction to SPC
  • Tools of SPC
  • Pareto Analysis
  • Distributions
  • Run Charts
  • Process Capabilities
  • Case studies

Quality Function Deployment (QFD):

  • Introduction to QFD
  • House of Quality
  • Product planning
  • Design deployment
  • Process planning
  • Production planning
  • Case Studies

Failure Modes Analysis (FMEA):

  • Introduction to FMEA
  • Failure Modes
  • Effects of failures
  • Severity of failures
  • Occurrences of failures
  • Detection of failures
  • Risk priority Numbers (RPN)
  • Avoiding failures
  • Case studies

Experimentation/Taguchi Methods:

  • Introduction to
  • Cause effect relationships
  • Designed experiments
  • Orthogonal arrays
  • Single /Multiple factor experiments
  • Analysis of results
  • Taguchi/SNR method
  • Case studies