Our Commitment to You:

British Council Exhibition in UAE

         British Council Exhibition in UAE

  • To promote courses provided by your institution.
  • To provide, publicise and disseminate such information and materials relating to the course as you provide.
  • To provide guidance to prospective students in completing applications for admission to your institution
  • To ensure that students are advised about and apply only for your courses that they have the necessary academic entry qualifications for.
  • To follow your institution's relevant policies and the British Council's Codes of Practice, relating to international student recruitment and admission.
  • To make sure that mutually agreed targets for recruitment are met every year


  • Student Recruitment Services:  e2 delivers you high quality students by working with local institutions, government agencies, and our regional offices in various countries including Malaysia, China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Singapore, UAE & UK
  • Market Intelligence: e2 provides you with local market intelligence and regular feedback on the market trends.
  • Production of market specific promotional literature
  • Adverts, editorials in the national dailies and education related magazines.
  • Visit selected local feeder institutions inc. English Medium Schools, local Colleges and Universities.
  • Deliver seminars
  • Interview individual students
  • Attend Educational Fairs
  • Handle and respond to enquiries
  • Filter out unsuitable students
  • Work closely with agencies such as BC, Government Ministries, Embassies and others.
  • Help set up links with credible local institutions for progression agreements such as 1+2 or 2+2 (UG) etc. and set up Research links.
  • Training Programmes and Conferences: e2 provides you with the opportunity of developing and delivering training programmes and seminars/conferences for commercial customers.
  • e2Training courses for institutions: we provide teachers and admin staff training courses for institutions.

Why e2

              China regional office

Our Regional Offices:

  • Our staff are fully trained for providing counselling and visa support to your potential students
  • Our staff are regularly trained and have their performance monitored.
  • The offices offer facilities for meetings and for student recruitment and are located in central locations with an appropriate ambience to meet market requirement.
  • You are able to use all the resources available in our regional offices.
  • The staff in our regional offices are able to offer detailed market information and advise on market development and emerging opportunities.

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Our Overseas Contacts:

  • e2maintains links at ministerial level in all its key markets to keep you better informed
  • e2 maintains links at Chief Executive/Principal/Vice Chancellor level in all its partner institutions to ensure you maintain a high profile

Our Institutional Network:

  • e2believes that best results are achieved for you by recruiting directly from compatible overseas institutions.
  • e2 links you into its existing network and will also seek new partners to meet your requirements.

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