About e2

Our Expertise:

e2 is a UK registered company now operating in various countries including China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Nepal, India and the UAE, to provide quality professional counselling services to students seeking to study Overseas and training courses for teachers and administration staff at educational institutions.

We believe international students deserve professional guidance to make the right choice when selecting to study in UK or other countries.

The company is managed by the company director who has over 15 year experience of International Education, Student Recruitment Consultancy Services and Commercial Training Contracts, with the public and private sectors, in a number of countries.

e2 Team members (located in Pakistan, China, and Sri Lanka) already have a considerable range and depth of experience in promoting UK & Australian courses to international students and have a substantial network of well established overseas contacts to make your marketing strategy a success.

Team Leader

Adila Khan (MCIM) - BA, MA, MBA ( UK), 

Adila Khan - MA, MBA ( UK), MCIM

Has extensive experience of international marketing in the education sector including developing, managing and implementing sales and marketing strategies for international student recruitment and consultancy. Also has considerable experience of developing entirely new foreign markets. Works successfully in all key international recruitment markets, with a particular focus on the Indian sub-continent, China and the Far East. She is fluent in four languages (English, Urdu, Punjabi & Hindi).

She has successfully recruited, trained and managed a network of quality educational agents overseas. Has experience of delivering seminars on international marketing issues in the education sector and has provided training to UK colleges wishing to enter international markets for student recruitment. She has also been involved in supporting a UK institution in gaining a prestigious Beacon Award for the quality of support to their International Students.